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How our Consultations Work

When you contact us we will discuss what type of consultation you require; whether it is a colour consultation, help with choosing flooring, window covering, furniture or kitchen finishes. Some of our clients want ideas on the interior decoration of a few rooms and they want the colour and style to carry through each area of their home. Once we have confirmed how we can assist you we will then provide you with a quote for the consultation and arrange an in-home appointment time.

After the consultation where possible we will also provide you with suggestions for reputable and well priced suppliers and places where you can source different items.

Our fees start from $120 for a basic colour consultation

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Written Briefs and Drawings

After a consultation you can also request that we prepare a written brief. In this brief we will outline the different design elements we have discussed and also provide you with images so that you can have a visual guide for the items you are looking for. The cost for a brief will be discussed with you prior to the consultation. If you would like to be able to visualise your new space we can also produce 2D and 3D drawings of your home. We are also able to create material boards for renovations or for sales purposes.

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Selling Your Home

Selling your home in the current market can be quite intimidating. Many buyers no longer want to purchase homes that require work and they do not always have the imagination to see the potential of a home. We offer consultations for vendors to help them to prepare their home for sale so that potential buyers can see what the home has to offer without having to use their imagination. During a consultation we will discuss furniture placement, de-cluttering, styling, and general decoration tips to give your home a sense of style to create the best possible first impression. If your home needs some renovation done prior to sale we can also give you guidance on areas such as colours, flooring and window treatments; all things which add immediate value to a home.

The fee for a consultation on preparing your home for sale is $150.


After a consultation many clients still like some additional assistance in sourcing products for their home or office. We are available to go shopping with clients or we can provide them with a quote if they would like us to source a particular item for them. We also have access to some wholesale suppliers so that we can offer you reduced prices and access to suppliers who are not available to retail customers.

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